Kindred Spirits

We are at the beach this week. It seems we wait all year or this trip and we pack so much into 7 days. One thing that I added this year was finding a local gym to take classes.

I have always exercised while at the beach but really wanted to find somewhere to take classes. So Andy and I did some research online and found a place where I could pay $25 for the week and get my workout in :)

The first few days we were here was during the weekend. I did my 2 hrs of boxing saturday before we left and I take Sunday off. While sitting on the front porch of our Home Away From Home, I had a chance to meet the neighbors. And it seems I've found a Kindred Spirit as well as a Gym Buddy!

Its been fun getting to know someone new. Someone who is older and has had different life experiences. And yet, we have a lot of common ground.

She wasn't able to make it to the first class I took. As I was driving to my Gym Away From Home I was thinking about going into this new place all by myself. And you know what? I was a little excited. Truth be told, I was nervous but it felt good knowing I was doing something for myself, on my own. Another baby step in this Big Year for me.

I'm so glad to have met this new friend and I'm looking forward to many more fun conversations with her. I am learning to open up a little and in this case, it has been very rewarding.

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