Last Day

I'm going to take a moment ...and have a Moment. Yesterday, my Girl Mini finished school. She is now a First Grader. Today my Boy Mini has a half day. This morning, he was running up the stairs chanting, "I'm a second grader! I'm a second grader!". In a few short hours, that will be true. Wow! I'm the Mommy of a first and a second grader.

I had to chuckle when last night my Little Man asked why he had to go to school for a half day? Why couldn't they just be done? I remember having the same thoughts. Although, I think I was in middle school at the time. The reality is that the last day of school will still be the last day of school no matter which day it is. It will always be a blow off day that is more fun than any other thing. And that is okay. These kiddos have worked hard all year. I hope they enjoy their last day as First Graders!

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