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I just finished reading the book, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  This was a very long but interesting book.  One thing that I found to be fun was how the author commented on how the "it" question was, "what's on your iPod?"  This question, was followed a few years later by, "what's on your iPad?" .  His point being that what we as consumers put on our iPod/iPad, is very personal.  This information can tell you a lot about a person.

I do not have an iPad.  I do have an iPhone and this device is never far from my reach.  My most used Apps are Blog related, Email, Facebook, my calendar (Cozi is the name and I LOVE this app), and my web browser.  My phone is constantly plugged into some set of speakers throughout the day so I can listen to my music.  In my bathroom while I get ready, in the kitchen while I do just about anything, or in my car as I drive from here to there.  I like to keep my music on shuffle.  Right now the most popular songs for me are from three different artists.  Rob Thomas, Kelly Clarkson and Uncle Kracker.  I have a few hundred songs on my phone but currently, these are the songs I am drawn to and will often skip ahead until I land on one.

So...here is where you get to play along.  What's on YOUR iPod, iPhone or iPad?  Leave a quick comment below and let's have some fun!

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