We all  know I exercise.  I workout a lot.  I workout hard.  And I sweat "like a man".  No glistening here. I AM NOT kidding.  It is disgusting.  Forget wet armpits...I'm talking I look like I just got out of the shower and didn't dry off.  My clothes are drenched.  My hair is dripping.  The sweat is running down my arms and off my elbows.  I tease my trainer that my eyelashes are sweating. I know, not a very attractive picture.  But the facts are facts.

I actually do not mind sweating hard while I workout.  I am not a huge fan of sweating a lot at any other time of the day but when I'm exercising, sweating is just part of the deal.  Although, it would be nice to not sweat quite so much.

So what does all this sweat mean?  Is it a good thing?  Is it a sign that something is wrong?  I decided to google "excessive sweating while exercising" and I got some answers.  First question, is do I sweat excessively throughout the day, while doing every day tasks?  The answer is no.  And that is a good thing. According to no-iron-fitness.com, sweating is the way our body cools itself down.  (I actually knew that)  The site states the following...

                "The harder you train, the more chances you'll have excessive sweating during exercise    which means, in most average healthy adults that your body is becoming more efficient at cooling itself down."

I am okay with that.  I am in good shape.  I may smell like a goat and look like a drowned rat for that hour or so but it washes away.  I wont be asked to model for any magazines post workout for sure, but again, I'm okay with that.  I am happy that my body is working properly.  This is a very visible way I can see how my body is working for me.  

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