Enter Drama....

Recently, my little girl has started telling her Daddy that he is mean and that they are not best friends anymore.  Of course, this is only when she doesn't get her way.  I know this is normal behavior, at least I think it is, ha. I have to give him credit, he is taking it in stride.  But he is also playing right into this stunt of hers.  In the moment, he is standing his ground.  But later, he asks if they are best friends again.  He thinks she is cute and this is kind of funny.  Can you say, Daddy's Little Girl?  I find it interesting, she hasn't tried to pull this on me.  Hmm...

I keep reminding him not to encourage this attitude.  Our job is to parent first and be friends later.  Probably much later.  As in, when the kiddos are all grown up.  Of course, we want our kiddos to like us.  But it is important that we have a very important job to do while they are growing and learning about their world.  I won't hold this against him, just keep reminding him not to play into our Girl Mini's drama.  Until then, I'll just sit back and watch this play out, knowing that I don't have this parenting thing all figured out and that soon enough it will be me getting pulled into the drama.

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