Birthday Treats

My Girl Mini has a summer birthday. The sad thing about a summer birthday to a five year old girl is not being able to bring a birthday treat to school to share with her teacher and friends. Having a February birthday myself, this is not something I really thought about.

Until...my Girlie wouldn't stop asking when she could bring in her bday treat. I put it off for a long time saying we still had time. Well, we are quickly running out of time. So I made the arrangements with her teacher and a bday snack was prepared.

We did something a little different this year. This treat looked really cute, tasted yummy and was very little work. I bought large marshmallows. Melted down chocolate. Then I dipped one end of the marshmallow in the chocolate. Finally, dipping the chocolate end into a bowl of sprinkles.

My little girl was so excited to take her treats to school and share them with everyone. I was glad that she was so happy. It's nice to be reminded that it is the little things in life that matter.

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