Your Favorite Smells

The sense of smell is a very important one. Smells make us hungry. They bring memories to mind. Smells can also turn our stomach.

I think it is interesting that people are drawn to different types of smells. There are flowery, fruity and baking scents for example.

I am NOT a fan of flowery smells. I also am not one to like most fruity scents. I am definitely drawn to baking scents.

I don't burn candles, I gave that up when my kiddos were small. But I do melt scented wax with an electric burner. Give me the smells of pumpkin, cakes, cookies etc and I'm in a happy place. Right now my house smells like Oats and Honey.

What scents appeal to you?

Thanks for reading Java Talk. Please share your thoughts below.

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