When To Tell?


Easter has now come and gone.  But for days leading up to the holiday, both of my kiddos have been hounding me with the question..."Is the Easter Bunny real?".  Personally, I hate lying to my children.  I know it is in the spirit of fun, so I go along with it.  But now I have to decide if my kiddos are old enough to know the truth about the Easter Bunny which I'm sure will lead to questions later this year about Santa.

First I decide my son who is 7 is old enough to know the truth.  But his timing is bad...Little Sister is always with him when he asks.  So after she went to bed, I went to his room and I revealed the big truth.  He smiled at me real cute and then said, "I knew it!".  Then, he looked at me a bit confused and asked about how the candy got in the baskets.  I smiled back and explained that Mommy and Daddy fill the baskets.  Then I made sure he understood the importance of keeping this secret from his sister and his friends.  Feeling like a "Big Man", he agreed and off to bed he went.

The very next day, my daughter who is a few months shy of 6, asked me if the Easter Bunny was real.  WHAT?  I wasn't ready for this again.  Of course, Andy wasn't home so I had to make a decision.  I tried to be vague.  I asked her to think about if she doesn't like the answer.  She still wanted to know.  I asked her what she thought.  She said she didn't believe the EB was real.  I asked her why?  She responded that bunnies don't walk on two legs or talk.  That seems logical.  So I decided to tell her... My Girl Mini turned to me with a smile and said, "I knew it!"  Then she asked if the EB is just a mascot.  I thought that sounded logical so I said yes.  Then I asked her how she thinks the candy gets in the baskets.  Her idea is that the mascot carries a big bag filled with candy and travels around to all the kids' houses.  Hmm...doesn't that support the idea of an Easter Bunny?

I finished our little talk with making her understand the responsibility of knowing the "secret" is to KEEP the secret.  Mommy's and Daddy's get to choose when to tell the secret to their kiddos and so she has to keep playing along when her friends talk about the EB.

Wow!  I wasn't ready to deal with this yet.  It seems recently, these kids keep throwing curveballs at me.  I guess that's a part of being a parent though, right?

How old were your kiddos when you shared the big secret?

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