The Perfect Cup Looks Different For Everyone


I was out with a dear friend yesterday.  We were sitting over our afternoon cups of coffee when she said, "I love to listen to how people order their coffee".  At first, I thought that was a little strange but as I thought more about this idea, I think it is intriguing.  I mean, lots and lots of people drink coffee.  But if you listen to the people around you (in a restaurant or cafe), the perfect cup of coffee is very personal.

For instance, I am not a big fan of McDonald's coffee.  Period.  I'll drink it if that's my only choice but I'll usually go out of my way to get my coffee from somewhere else.  If I am at Starbucks, I order my bold roast with two pumps of Classic Syrup (liquid sugar) and room for cream.  If I am at Dunkin Donuts, I ask for cream and 1/2 sugar.  I think DD uses a lot of sugar, so if they add less sugar, I'm happy.  At home, I prefer to make my coffee in my French Press.  I add just a little splash of flavored creamer and voila! my perfect morning companion :)

Those are just how I order my coffee.  Think of all the people who walk through those cafe doors. This is an interesting idea and I have a feeling I'm going to be listening to how people order their coffee for a while.

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