Open House


My kiddos are so excited about Open House at school.  They have been talking about this night since last week.  At first I didn't understand what they were so worked up about.  I don't remember being excited for Open House night when I was little.  Of course, I don't remember Open House in elementary school but I imagine I was excited too.

I thought Open House was for the parents to attend and that the students were discouraged from coming.  This is not the case at the school the Mini's go to.  And it is no wonder they are so excited for this night.  The kids have been working very hard all year and they want to show off their work.  This is the time for the kids to share what they know about their world.  Mommy and Daddy will be on their turf.  The children's artwork hung throughout the entire building.  It is going to be like a Scavenger Hunt to find the artwork with my Little One's names below.

I am looking forward to seeing what the kiddos have been doing at school.  I'm looking forward to seeing the excitement in their faces as they show us their friends, their desks and all their hard work.

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