One Step, Then Another

The date for my Boxing Certification is fast approaching. This is a good thing. This is a SCARY thing. It's no secret I love to box. Two days ago I was so panicked about this certification process I was ready to walk away. You see, I go to the gym, wrap my hands, put on my gloves and then turn of my brain. Sounds strange I'm sure but it's true. Boxing is fun.  Boxing is therapeutic.  Boxing is reactive for me. My trainer calls out what to do, and I do it as fast and as hard as I can. 
As I prepare for this exam, I realize this is an obstacle I need to work through. This has been a challenge but I'm getting there. I am no longer paralyzed by this fear. I am being stretched yet again. I know I can do this. I am still nervous but it is a healthy nervousness. 
I am looking forward to having this certification date behind me. I'm not sure where this process is leading me but I'm glad I have decided to follow it despite my personal discomfort. Who knows what opportunities lie ahead for me. I am excited to find out. 

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