He Pulled A Fast One

Yesterday at about 2:40, I got a call from the school nurse. She says my son came down after lunch with a stomach ache. She let him rest and then sent him back to class. He returned to the nurse's office a few hours later so she decided to call me.

He had no fever. He didn't throw up. Just having stomach pains. So I picked him up from school and brought him home not knowing what the rest of the night would look like. We were only home a few minutes and he was eating a snack. A little while later he wanted to play his wii. I told him no he was having a sick day. He felt fine enough to be unhappy with me. It seemed to me he was feeling fine. So what was going on?

I asked him how he felt. He responded with, "good". Good? Really? So I started asking about his day. Was there something the class was about to do that he was nervous about? Was he having trouble with any friends, etc. he kept saying, "no mom". So why was he home?

Finally he says, "mom, I was just hungry". What! He was hungry? He came home because he was hungry? That is NOT okay. I have mentioned before how I have gotten lax about packing his lunches. He loves that he gets to buy school lunch. But I made it very clear that if he is still hungry after eating the school lunch I will have to pack for him instead. He didn't like that idea. He begged me to let him buy his lunch today. So I let him. But I reminded him that he was not to go to the nurse because he was hungry. I'm anxious to see how he makes out today. I suspect he wasn't eating the food provided that he didn't want to eat. Hopefully he learned a lesson yesterday. Time will tell...

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