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The Drive-Thru Window.  It's true.  I love the Drive-Thru window.  Not really for fast food.  Although, I do love the occasional fast food treat, I try to keep that to a minimum.  The Drive-Thru window has been instrumental in many a successful coffee runs.  I find when running around town, or just running late when I leave the house and all I can think about is a cup of coffee.  Driving to a cafe or restaurant, parking the car, getting the kids out of the car, dragging them into the Coffee Mecca, making them wait in line and continually telling them they can't get anything is really NOT fun.

Enter the ease of the Drive-Thru :)  I can get Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts via Drive-Thru.  Just depends on which direction I am driving off to.  If I'm really desperate, I can always drive to the local McDonald's that is very close to my house.  Not my favorite coffee but when the craving hits, sometimes you settle.   I DO NOT have a Java problem, REALLY, haha!

So I did a little research on the history of the Drive-Thru window.  And there is some controversy over who started this convenience.  According to Answers.com, it was not McDonald's which is a common belief.  Instead, Answers.com reports,

The first drive-thru restaurant was created in 1947 by Sheldon "Red" Chaney, operator of Red's Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri. Located on the famous Route 66, the restaurant served customers until its closure in 1984. Several other companies lay claim to having invented the first drive-thru restaurant, including the In 'N Out burger chain, which didn't open a drive-thru until 1948, and Jack in the Box, founded in 1951

I have to admit, this idea came to me yesterday as I was driving to church and I swung by my favorite Starbucks (its my favorite because of the Drive-Thru).  I started thinking about how often I get my get my coffee this way.  And how I will drive a little out of my way to ensure I don't have to actually get out of my car.  I'm not sure if it saves time, but it certainly helps me feel like I'm still moving therefore still productive.  

What about you?  Do you seek out a local Drive-Thru rather than parking and going inside to buy what you are looking for?  

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