Dear Diary,

More thoughts on how this year is going to be different for me.  It is only the fourth month of the year, but it is crazy how much I have wrestled with in this short time span.  This is all a part of the process, its uncomfortable at times, just plain sucks at others.  But as I have begun to "reach the other side" in some situations, I believe it is all worth it.

A Few Things I Want To Change About Myself:

1.  Be more self-confident.

2.  Care less about what others think.

3.  Learn to "think first" before I react.

I'm not exactly sure how to accomplish these changes.  Baby steps.  Taking the CPR class was a great step.  So will be completing the boxing certification process.  I am being stretched and extending my comfort zones.  Working on ourselves is never easy, but these are certain things about myself that I feel need some improvement.  If my children are going to learn from me, I want to be sure that they are learning is positive and will help them through their lives.  

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