Week 6 Is Here!

Yesterday marked the 6 weeks since my hip surgery. This is an important milestone or me because on Friday I go back to see the surgeon. Most days I feel great. The crutches are collecting dust in the basement. And if you didn't know I had hip surgery, you wouldn't be able to tell just from seeing me. I'm ready to get back to my life without restrictions. That is what I'm hoping the doctor will do on Friday, remove my limitations. I have been much more patient with myself and the healing process then I expected but I'm ready to move on. I dreaded this surgery and recovery so much and now it is all behind me. This is so exciting! The end is almost here! I can't wait to push myself and what I am capable of without the constant pain I've had for years. I still have physical therapy and there is the occasional discomfort but I'm learning to really listen to my body. At this point in my recovery, I think I know better than the doctor what I'm capable of. I'm still cautious but its getting harder to hold myself back. And I'm okay with that ;)

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