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I think I've mentioned before that although I have lost and maintained considerable weightloss, I still struggle with food. I am a binge eater. It comes and goes but the tendency is always there.

When I am in the binge cycle, it is almost all consuming. I eat with abandon, then I feel guilt and shame followed by more eating. I start eating in secret and hiding the evidence. Not good at all.

I read something yesterday that has sparked a new plan for me when I hit this cycle again. Instead of eating the "bad" foods which then make me feel like a "bad" person, I want to focus on how I will feel after I eat the food in question. Sounds simple. I know it won't be. With this new way to think of the food I will be struggling with, I hope to see what has led me to this moment. My pattern is usually driven by emotions. And hopefully it will help me stop looking to food to "fix" those emotions. The relief is temporary and causes more problems for me later. It's always good to have a plan and this is my new plan.

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  1. I struggle with my weight daily. I too am an emotional eater. I mean, you would think that because I'm a nurse that I would understand proper nutrition but, that's one area that I am lacking. I have followed my husband's lead and started working out. I am very serious about how my weight affects my health. God help me! It's going to suck but, I have to do it! I just started drinking water when the emotional eating urge comes in...stuff in down with water! <3 Mer


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