Plan B

A friend gave me a coffee mug recently and it says...Life is about how you handle Plan B.  As a Mommy, this is so true.  I cannot count the times that I have had plans in my head for the day, for the morning, for the hour and the kiddos or hubby were on a different page than me.

I like structure and for a long time, these changes in my plan didn't go over so well.  I'd be flustered, frustrated and feel the weight of what wasn't being done.  This led to a bad attitude and sharp words and got me nowhere except feeling bad for my behavior.

So, I've learned to be more flexible.  A plan is just a plan.  It isn't set in stone.  Change is okay.  Forcing everyone into the plan isn't worth it.  There are times when sticking to the plan is a must but for the other times, we need to work as a family to be more open to spur of the moment moments.  Everything will get done.  A little rearranging is sometimes necessary to fit in what needs to be done with what we want to get done.

How do you handle Plan B?

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