Picture Magnets

Tired of a cluttered refrigerator? All those pictures and magnets fighting for space. A few years ago I read a cute idea and I'm going to pass it along.

I found pictures I wanted to post on the fridge. And I cut them out in the shape of my magnets. Whatever the shape of the magnet becomes the shape of your picture. One of my magnets is in the shape of a Nittany Lion paw. I just turned it on its side and was able to fit both of my kiddos on it. I used 2 sided tape to stick the pic to the magnet. That's it...very simple yet clever way to clean up the front of the fridge.

These pics are a few years old now. Thinking its time to replace them with more current photos.

All you need are magnets, pictures, and 2 sided tape. Can't beat that.

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