No School Today

The kiddos have no school today. So we are making the most of our day together. Keep them busy, that's what I say.

First I made a pancake breakfast for my hungry Minis. If there is something my kiddos love, it's pancakes.

Then we were off to gymnastics for the Girl Mini.

In a little while, we are going to meet a friend for lunch at Isaacs. We love this restaurant. We get to eat out and still feel like we are making healthy choices...until the kiddos free sundaes come out ;)

After lunch, I'm taking the kids to a local animal shelter. This place has odd hours so we haven't been all year. My daughter asks me weekly if we can go play with the animals. I have to tell her no. So today, we will go and love on the cats and dogs that are looking for a home. We already have a dog, two cats and two fish, so we won't bring anyone home. But its always fun to cuddle with these animals who haven't found their Forever Homes yet.

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