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The Tooth Fairy lives in Central Pennsylvania.  Really, there is a local woman (maybe more than one) who travels to different schools and preschools to visit the children and talk about tooth health.  When both of my kiddos were in preschool, they had visits from the Tooth Fairy.  

This morning, my Girl Mini and I stopped at church and while we were there, the Tooth Fairy was there to speak with the Preschool kiddos.  The teacher was very nice and offered for my Girlie to pop in and say hello. My little girl has already lost 8 teeth so they are pretty well acquainted these days. 

My shy girl did go in and say hello.  Then we had to leave so there was time for lunch before I send her off to school for the afternoon.  Anyway...on the way to the car, she was really thinking about this Tooth Fairy.  She was thinking there must be more than one Tooth Fairy because the one she met last year had a white dress and this one had a pink dress.  Personally, I never thought about how many Tooth Fairies there are but my daughter was really mulling this over.  I suggested maybe she just changed her dress like we change our clothes every day.  Made sense to me.

We were almost home when she pipes up from the backseat with, "Maybe there are two Tooth Fairies because there are so many children in the world".  Okay...maybe that is why there are two Tooth Fairies.  Same Tooth Fairy, different dresses made sense to me.  But two Tooth Fairies sharing the duty are the explanation that made sense to my 5 yr. old.  

I just thought this was a cute story of a moment when I was able to witness her work out a serious thought (well, serious to her).  This was an insightful moment in the working mind of my complex Girl Mini.

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