Lessons From A 5 Yr Old

My Girl Mini has been frustrated with a classmate who has been "copying her". Not the cheating kind of copying, the "I do what you do, I say what you say" type. Since this has come up several times, I suggested she ask this friend to stop copying her. I explained this little girl probably really likes my Mini(of course, haha) and she wants to do like you. So my little one says, "ok, I'll talk to her on the bus ride home from school".

That afternoon I ask if she had this "talk" and to my amazement, she said yes. She told her friend what I had suggested she say. I was so impressed with my Girl Mini. As a 35 yr old woman, I would have a very difficult time having such a conversation. And if I got to the point where this conversation HAD to take place, I never would have made it to the end of the day. I would have been so anxious over what to say and worried over the reaction I would have been a wreck!

But not my girl. I was so proud of her. I have told her how proud I am of her choice to speak up. This ability to handle uncomfortable situations will be very useful as she gets older. I pray that she doesn't lose this ability to do what needs done without all the anxiety that I fight. My Girl Mini set a terrific example for her Mommy who is working on finding her voice and using it to make things better.

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