How Fear Limits Us

I was reading the other day that the need for safety in our lives is really just a way of letting fear control us. That's not to say that feeling safe is wrong or bad but I do believe that the need to control the world around you stems from fear.

This is just something to think about as I am looking ahead to this year of personal growth. Its so easy to do the things we KNOW we can do. It's not so easy to try new things. After all, we might fail and no one wants to be a failure.

Trying new things is risky. I am not one who does this lightly. As I've begun to prepare for my Boxing Certification I have faced moments of, "I can't do this!" and "What was I thinking?". But then I take a deep breath and think on how I can do this and I am choosing to do this. Once the moment of panic goes away, I get refocused and excited all over again.

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