Finding Your Happy Place

Having a "Happy Place" almost sounds childish but I think we all need to have one. It may be a real place. Somewhere to go and telex and let go. Or it may be an activity that helps you to feel good and when you finish you walk away feeling rejuvenated and in a better place mentally.

I have one of each. Geographically, I look forward to walks along the river. The water is always changing. The breeze is peaceful. Looking in one direction I see the water, the island in the water and all the activity on the island. If I look to the other side, I see the beautiful buildings of the city. I am amazed how I see something new each time I walk up and down along the river.

My other "happy place" is an activity. Exercise. Primarily boxing but the same can be said of most of my workouts. This is my time. I work hard without interruption. I feel strong. And I feel good. Most days it doesn't matter how I feel walking into my workout, in this "happy place" I hit a moment when it is all gone. It's just me, what I am doing and what I can do over the next hour. I leave feeling much happier having been there.

We all have bad days, bad moments and it is so easy to get stuck there. Overwhelmed with those negative feelings. I believe it is very important to find your "happy place" and then make sure that you get there. Where is your "happy place"?

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