A Day In the Sun

The other day, I took my Girl Mini and we took off for a little adventure.  Here are a few things we saw while we enjoyed the beautiful day as well as each other's company.

We are just getting started on our walk.

This tree fascinated me.  I know you can't tell, but there were sections of this tree that were wrinkled and reminded me of elephant skin.

Local swimmers.

A very pretty bridge.

There are a LOT of steps here.  And I thought this was a fun angle to take a pic of my Girl.

We made it to the bridge.  This is a fun bridge to walk across.

Disclaimer:  The train was not running.  No child was harmed during the taking of these photos ;)

Almost back to the car.  My Girl Mini wanted a turn with the camera.  Even told me to tilt my head, silly girl!

We had such a wonderful day together.  It was so nice doing something different.  Something impulsive.  And enjoying the beautiful day while making memories together.

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