Be The Change

Pretty BIG words. Turning 35 has been a big deal to me. Not in an "I don't want to be old" way but in a self-awareness way.

It seems over the past 6 months or so, I have been mentally wrestling with so many things. While it has been exhausting at times, I've also learned a lot about myself.

It seems I've spent a large part of my life just letting things happen to me. Good and bad. That worked for a long time, but now I want more. I need to take ownership of the good and bad. And when I don't like something, I need to Be The Change. I can't just sit back and resent what I don't like. I have to decide if it's worth the personal risk to make it different or I need to get "over it".

Life is messy and life is complicated. But as I dig deeper into my journey, I am learning that despite the possible discomfort, it is worth the effort needed to see the situation through to the end. I may not always make the right choices but learning to forgive myself is another area I am working on. Sometimes I can't see through my disappointment and I need a reminder to refocus and do what I can do...Be The Change.

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