Nag...that's what I feel I do to my Little Man all the time.  "Chew with your mouth closed", "Use your fork", "Close the door when you use the bathroom", you get the idea.  He is a great kid.  Kind, sweet, very funny, smart (I could go on and on).  But there are a few areas that need improvement and all the nagging in the world hasn't made a difference.  Neither has trying to be logical and explain why we are always on his case. Kids are mean and I don't want other kids to be mean to my kiddo.  A few changes in habits is all it will take, so how to get  him to change those bad habits?

I think I'm on to something!  My Boy Mini loves his Wii time.  We limit his Wii time every day but the child almost lives for that time.  So, I have told him that when we catch him making these improvements (closing the bathroom door for example), he can earn 5 extra minutes of Wii time.  There is a limit, he can only earn a total of 15 extra minutes a day.  But that hasn't seemed to slow him down.  He is eager to earn those precious minutes.

I am happy because I don't feel like I'm always on his case.  I don't want to give him a complex or make him feel like he isn't good enough, so this feel great.  We are rewarding him for making these changes.   It's like I've temporarily tapped into the language of  Boy Mini and that makes me a happy mommy.  I'm hoping this will work long enough for these new habits to catch on.  I guess only time will tell.  But for now...Point 1 for Mom!

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  1. Great idea! Keep me posted on whether it works.


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