Music and My Many Moods

I got to thinking about the selection of music that is currently on my playlist and had an interesting observation.  Well, it was interesting to me.  Kind of a self-revelation type thing.  I'm sure I'm not alone with respect to music and my moods.  But I'm going to think this thing through a little more as I write.

I listen to different songs, depending on how I'm feeling.  There is "Girl Power" music when I want to feel strong or I am getting  ready to work out.  There is "Bouncy" music.  This is a term I have used for many years to describe any song that just makes me happy.  You can tell this type of music is playing because I cannot help but bounce around a bit.  Of course, that was before Zumba...now I'm more likely to start dancing in place.  Yes, that goof you see at the store dancing while waiting in line, that's me :)  Bouncy songs are also great for dancing in the kitchen by myself or with the Minis.

If I'm sad, I listen to sad songs of course. Misery loves company and all.  If I'm angry, I'm probably going to go back to those "Girl Power" songs,  you know, I'm tough, I'm strong and I'm gonna sing really loud about it.  And sometimes I just listen to music to listen to music.  Something in the background.  It is relaxing and comforting as I go through the motions of my day.

So the playlist on my phone is pretty diverse and I like it that way.  There is something to meet the need no matter what my mood.

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