Little Girls

Having one boy and one girl gives me the opportunity to love being a Mommy to both boys and girls. There are so many things to enjoy about being a Mom to one child of each sex. Boys and girls are very different, at least mine are.

Boys are absolutely fun. And once I got over the shock that I was having a boy, I have embraced the good, fun an challenging parts of mothering (it doesn't matter that I don't like football, I still love my son.)

With my girl, I get to paint her nails and we can get all sparkly with body sparkle (really, I don't know who likes this stuff more). I get to braid her hair, when she lets me ;). I love to hear her clop around in her play shoes. We sing and dance together. Don't get me wrong, it's not all sugar and spice but it's definitely fun.

Recently I've heard my Girl Mini comment in the morning, "I'm coming Mom, I just have to put on my makeup". Ack! What? She sounds just like me. Her version of makeup and mine are different but it still bothers me.

She has some lip glosses, and some sparkle she can put on her cheeks. Nothing really has color, just a little sparkle. I'm not completely comfortable with her having these things but she loves it and I wear it. I sell Mary Kay beauty products, cosmetics are very easy to find in this house. She sees everything I use and wants to be like me. I realize I'm an adult and she is 5 but I also feel I've given her some clear boundaries.

The problem is that I don't want her to FEEL like she NEEDS makeup. She is a beautiful little girl and perfect just the way she is. But how do I instill that principle when I won't leave the house without my own "face" put on?

I don't think wearing makeup is wrong but it saddens me to think that some day my little girl may feel like she has to cover up to go out. I think makeup is fun. I love to play with different colors. But I also know that this stems from a need to feel "presentable".

I can't protect her self esteem no matter how much I want to. So I keep telling her that she is beautiful and made just the way God wanted her to be made. And then I tell her she doesn't need makeup to look pretty, it's just for fun. To which she looks at me and says, "I know Mom" in that spunky voice that only a 5 yr old girl can use and get away with.

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