Busy Hands

So...I'm having a very tough time being still.  I need a break from reading.  The world doesn't stop because I'm supposed to take it easy and rest.  I decided I needed a project to work on.  Something to keep my hands busy.

After dinner on Saturday, Andy took me to the craft store and I bought the needed materials to do something I haven't done in about a decade.  I am crocheting a throw for my living room.  It is mindless.  It is relaxing.  And it keeps me still (well, not my hands but most of me).

I still need to get up and out.  Some things are too hard to change.  Even if its temporary.   I have always gotten a rush creating something out of nothing.  And this project is one that gives me satisfaction as I watch it grow.  I'll post a pic when its finished.

If you had a few weeks to slow down, what would you do to keep your mind and body busy while fixing a somewhat permanent imprint of your rear into the couch?  

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