They DO Love Each Other

Just in case, you didn't know, I have two kiddos.  One boy, and one girl.  They are 21 months apart.  Life is starting to get easier now that they are 7 and 5.  But now they fight ALOT!  I know this is normal brother/sister behavior and certainly nothing new to the family dynamic but that doesn't really make it easier to deal with when you are deep in the trenches.

I want them to grow up and be friends.  They don't have to be best buds, but I do want them to have a good relationship.  On one hand, I think the fact that they are close in age will help.  So will the fact that they are in consecutive grades at school.  My hope is that there will be enough in common to build a solid foundation for the future.

Right now, they play well on their own but not so much together.  Put them in the same room and they are either wrestling in play (which makes me nuts) or they are fighting which leads to tattling (which makes me nuts) on each other.

Last night I was out and the kiddos were home with Daddy.  This morning Andy told me that while our son was making an edible experiment with one of his Christmas presents, he spilled a good bit of the powder on the floor.  Andy said he looked nervous like he was worried he would get in trouble but he started to try to clean the mess from the floor.  But little sister saw what happened and came to the rescue.  She grabbed her toy broom and dustpan and helped big brother clean up the mess.  They worked together and got the job done!  To me, this is a small glimpse of the fact that they DO love each other.  I cannot guarantee they will like each other when they grow up but this made my heart smile and gives me hope for their relationship in the future.

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