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As I was driving though town today, I noticed a mattress store. Then another mattress store. And then another mattress store. I can think of two more off the top of my head.  While driving by, I noticed that there didn't appear to be anyone in the showroom. Then I thought about how you rarely see people in the showroom of a mattress store. So how do these businesses stay open and why are there so many of them?

 Don't get me wrong. These stores provide a much needed product. But how often does a person buy a new mattress? I am intrigued by this observation of many stores that don't seem very busy. And I'm not talking about a variety of stores in an out of the way strip mall that doesn't have steady business. I'm talking about stores all over that sell similar product. Can you think of any other type of business always appears to be slow but there are several different ones to choose from ?Hmm...

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