The Problem With Garlic


I love garlic.   I'm sure you don't have to think very hard to figure out the problem with garlic.  I am afraid to eat garlic because of the bad breath it leaves behind.  My husband has pointed out more than once that he knows I ate out for lunch because he can smell garlic on my breath.  (How Rude!)

Anyway...today I took my BFF (didn't think I'd ever use that one, did you?) out to lunch for her birthday.  We went to a Thai restaurant.  I am not very adventurous with my food but I've eaten here several times before and I really like it.  The food is so fresh and extremely tasty!

So I really enjoyed my lunch, what I ate as well as the girl time we got to have.  But tonight my garlic breath was mentioned.  So I decided to Google if there is any way to get rid of garlic breath.  I was surprised that several sites reported the same advice.

Here is what I found.
1. Eat fresh parsley after your meal.
2.  Eat fresh lemon after your meal.
3.  You can drink milk with your meal.  And the research seems to show that full fat milk works best.
4.  Drink hot tea after your meal.  If you can, make it green tea or mint tea.

The faster you "treat" the better.  If left alone, it can (but doesn't have to) take up to 3 days for the garlic to fade from your breath.  I'm not sure if these suggestions really work.  But they were consistent on all the sites.  The kiddos are going to bed soon.  Once they are down, I'm going to make a cup of hot tea and see for myself if this is helpful.  At best, yes.  At worst, I just get to enjoy a relaxing cup of hot tea as I unwind from the day.

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