New Gadget at our House

I grew up in Eastern Pa. I went to college in North Western Pa. I thought it was very strange how many college students watched the weather channel. We got lots and lots and lots of snow, but who watches the weather channel under the age of 62? Now, all these years later I think it's funny that I am intrigued by different weather gadgets. No, I still don't watch the weather channel but I do love to check out the different gadgets in the stores. So when I was shopping for Christmas presents, I was quick to grab this gadget for my kiddos. The kids and I are really enjoying our First Weather Station.

This little wonder is so cute! It tells the time. It tells the temperature inside the house. There is a little girl who dresses according to the weather (which I think is great). And it tells the current temperature outside. Lots of great information in one spot! And the Mini's like being able to check the weather for themselves. They also like knowing how to dress for the day. And I like that they know how to dress for the day without someone hollering, "Mom! Do I wear pants and short sleeves or long sleeves?". This is one present that has been fun for us all! Thanks for reading Java Talk. Please share your thoughts below.

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