I'm Busy, You're Busy.

Today is Friday, and my hubby has taken the day off of work.  Before you gasp at his willingness to shrug off a day of work for no major reason, he chose to go to work on the Monday after  New Year's Day to be assist with any problems that arose due to the change in year.  So he is off work today, but we will hardly see each other.  I'm busy and he is busy.  We just aren't busy together.

I took the boy to school.  We both took the girl to gymnastics, where I dropped him off and I met my friend for our weekly coffee date.  (In my defense, I had no idea he was planning on coming to gymnastics until about 5 minutes before we left)  We came home and he is currently playing school with our Girl Mini. In a few minutes, he is going to go have lunch at school with the Boy Mini.  When he gets home, I am headed to school to help in one of the classrooms, this was scheduled last month.  From there I run over to the hospital and fill out paperwork for my upcoming surgery :(  Then I get to run over to the gym and have my "Me Time" (I cannot wait for this hour).

I have no idea what he has planned while I am gone, but he will pick the kiddos up from school and shuttle them to the hair salon so the Girl Mini can get her hair cut (b/c I totally forgot about her appointment on Monday...YIKES!).  We should all end up together for dinner tonight.

This is not an unusual day for me.  I'm usually the one running here and there and constantly watching the clock.  We aren't doing anything big or exciting on this day he has taken off from work.  Which is kind of a bummer.  But he is able to do some fun things with the kids that he doesn't usually get the chance to do.  And I get a little help getting things done around here. It will be interesting what he will think about his day off once it is over.  Knowing him, he wont be disappointed.  He will enjoy the time he got to spend with the kiddos.  Thankfully, the weekend is here so he and I can do more than just pass each other in the garage.


  1. I complete understand! Mike and i talk more via email than in person most of the week, then catch up on the weekend, usually Sundays. Said how fast paced our world has become. :(
    Julie Walizer

  2. should be "completely"... sorry for the typos
    Julie W


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