Homemade Hot Chocolate

Okay, I admit, this is probably not a huge feat. But I made my own hot chocolate last night and I loved it! Coffee is my drink of choice throughout the day (yes, I do drink tons of water too) but when the kids go to bed, I delight in my warm cup of hot chocolate. This is my dessert and my chocolate fix all in one. I've been looking into recipes online to make my own for a while but to someone who can be too calorie conscious, there is a lot of sugar in hot chocolate. So I stick with the instant because someone has figured out the caloric damage and I'm comfortable with my choices. I've discovered Dark Hot Chocolate which is the best (in my opinion) and regular HC isn't good enough for me anymore. So last night, I decided to take a leap and make my own. It's only one batch so it doesn't matter how much sugar, right? Right! All I did was look at the recipe on the box of my baking Cocoa Powder. Simple. I actually made a last minute substitution and used Almond Milk in place of 1% milk. Only 40 calories instead of 110 Wasn't sure how that would go. But I love it. I'm sure the milk would have made it a bit creamier but I didn't mind the switch at all. The recipe made 5 servings so I poured the rest in an air tight container I will continue to enjoy this HC for most of this week :)

Look! I did it. It's like chocolate soup.

I was really pleased with my first attempt at making my own HC. I think I will be making this for a while. Thanks for reading Java Talk. Please share your thoughts below.

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