Happy Face

As I sat to put my sneakers on, my daughter shared an observation that stopped me in my tracks.  She simply said, "you have a happy face on".  Wow!  Immediately I began to wonder is that such a strange thing that my five year old notices when I have a "happy face"?  That is so sad to me.

There have been real times of darkness, when happiness is far, far away.  But for the most part, I feel in a normal place.  Good days, a few bad days, just like everyone else.  I want my children to remember Mommy having a Happy Face.  I'm not sure if I'm blowing this incident way out of proportion but it really hit me hard.

Today I am going to make a point of having a Happy Face while I am around my family.  I love them more than words can say but do they know it?  Deep down I'm sure they do.  But my little one made that statement to me this morning with such joy in her voice.  Just think of how things could change around here if my Happy Face comes around more often.  I am not about to fake it.  I'm in the process of learning how to NOT smile and say 'I'm fine".  I don't want to pass that habit down to my kiddos.  Today I want to be more aware of all I have to be joyful and thankful for, and as a result, my Happy Face should make more appearances :)

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  1. I love seeing your happy face!

    Make sure you ask the "mini" where her happy face is the next time she is grumpy.



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