Guess Who Forgot to Stop By?

The Tooth Fairy!  Oops! my little girl is dropping teeth like crazy.  She has lost three teeth since Christmas.  Last night she set her tooth out and went to sleep.  It was some time in the middle of the night that I remembered about the Tooth Fairy!  Unfortunately, I think I woke up because I heard her coughing in her sleep.  She is a light sleeper and chances were too great to risk sneaking in there at that point.  So Andy and I decided we would tell her that sometimes the TF has so many kiddos to check-in with that she comes the next night instead.

This morning, she comes in and she is looking pretty glum.  I have already forgotten about the TF and asked her what was wrong.  She started crying saying the TF didn't come last night.  Uh-oh...epic Mommy/Daddy failure!  Thankfully Daddy was there too so I didn't have to shoulder the crushing disappointment on my own.  We already have a story so I begin to tell her all about how there must have been too many kiddos on the list last night so I'm sure she will come tonight.  She didn't seem comforted at this thought and was still pretty distressed.  So good old Daddy comes out with a line about how when this happens, the TF leaves extra money.  When that came out, I thought that was pretty cute.

So tonight, guess what we WILL NOT forget to do?!?!  You guessed it.  I'm happy to say at this point in my young childrens' lives, we haven't disappointed them often.  It felt awful.  It will happen again I know but with this experience fresh in my mind, I hope it wont be for a very long time.

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