Forever Lazy? Seriously?

The other day, while the TV was on, I saw a commercial for a new product called, I kid you not...Forever Lazy.  As the seconds passed by, I kept thinking "you've got to be kidding".  It is called "Forever Lazy", what does that say about our society?

I'm all for warmth, comfort, relaxing, taking a nap, but really?  A long sleeved, fleece, jumpsuit for adults?  WITH Zippered Hatches no less!  You wouldn't want to unzip and step out of the Forever Lazy to use the bathroom.  Now there is no reason to.  Just unzip and (for the ladies) sit.  I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen on TV.  


Now here is a true to life image of this product, definitely.   I don't think I would be this worked up about this if it had a different name.  I think its silly.  I wouldn't want one for myself, but I wouldn't judge someone else for having one.  But with a name like Forever Lazy, UGH!  What were these people thinking?  I have a problem with anyone thinking that I'm lazy.  I could never own something that has Lazy as part of its title.  I hope I am not coming across as angry.  I'm not angry, I'm a little speechless, and cannot imagine why anyone would want one.  Some words that come to mind to describe this product are: absurd, comical and laughable. 

What do you think?  Are you looking for a pair of comfy overalls with zippers in "all the right places"?  Or maybe you are in need of something to give as a practical joke.  They make them for men and women and they come in a variety of colors ;)  Since I made an issue of this wacky one piece outfit,  I wouldn't be surprised if someone in my family thinks it would be hilarious to buy me a Forever Lazy for my upcoming birthday.

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