Adorable magnet craft

This is a really cute craft my kiddos made at our weekly children's program at church. They made these magnets that spell their names. This project would be cute for any age person. Any word could be used as well.

Note**The letters above are scrambled and one letter is missing to protect the innocent ;)

Go to your local craft store and buy a bag of clear stones. The ones we used had one flat side. Then you cut letters out of a magazine. Glue your letters to the flat side, letter side up (it feels wrong to put glue on the letter side but it dries clear). Final step, use a hot glue gun to glue one magnet to the back of the stone. Again, glue the magnet to the flat side of the magnet.

Not much to this craft but I thought they were really clever. Spell a name or an encouraging word, such as Awesome or Cool or Clever. Really, whatever word inspires you. Have fun and get creative!

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