1 Hour, That's All I Ask For...

Okay, 1 hour plus travel time.  But seriously, one hour, five days a week.  I need my hour of exercise for so many reasons.  I try to be flexible.  I try to not make everyone crazy with my schedule.  But seriously...it's 1 hour.  And this is the beginning of my countdown to surgery.  One week from today, I have my hip operated on and I have no idea when I will be able to get back to my "normal" exercise.  I know this is only temporary break, but it is extremely stressful to me.

This is MY hour.  No kids, no husband, no pets and most of the time, no worries.  I just go to the gym and work as hard as I can doing what I love (Boxing!!!).  Then I go home and shower and get on with my day.  But that hour is crucial to maintaining my weight, keeping my stress levels down, and it helps me to feel good about myself.  Actually, the list could go on and on.

Last week, I took the time to schedule my final 5 pre-surgery workouts with my trainer.  Sundays are crazy long for me because I don't workout that day.  So Monday I wake up and I can't wait to hit the gym.  This morning I get a wake up call from the School District at 5 am informing parents that the kiddos have a 2 hour delay due to "inclement weather".  I don't know whose window they were looking out but we didn't have any ice or snow on the roads.  Obviously, the safety of the kids is most important.  But it was 5 am and I couldn't start rearranging my schedule around for hours.  Did I ever mention how I don't handle unfinished business very well?  Haha.

I watched the clock tick by and eventually was able to reschedule my workout as well as shuffle the Mini's around.  My son is going to grab the bus with the neighbor boys (having good neighbors is such a blessing) and my daughter is going to play at a friends house (having great friends is a blessing as well) while I make my way over to the Y.

I realize in the big picture, this is all very trivial.  Be patient with me.  I am facing a surgery that is out of my control with a recovery time that is unknown and also out of my control.  I just want my 5 hours this week without anymore drama.  I pray that isn't too much to ask for.

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