The Worst Part

If you have known me for at least one holiday season, you know I LOVE Christmas!  I love the music.  I'd listen to it all year round if it didn't get me such crazy looks (I believe in the message all year so why can't I sing to it?).  I do wait until Halloween to pull out the Christmas music.  The pretty lights make me feel relaxed.  Our tree went up the night before Thanksgiving.   And I wouldn't have it any other way.  If I haven't started my shopping by mid-October, I feel panicked.  And whats not to love about the many occasions to visit with friends and family and enjoy yummy holiday treats?  


The worst part for me at any gift giving occasion is the wrapping of the presents.  I do not like to wrap.  At all.  No fun for me.  The shopping is fun.  I love thinking about what to give to the people I love.  The wrapping is worse than a chore.  Yep, I'd rather clean bathrooms then wrap presents.  In fact, I often find myself with an unwrapped gift that has been purchased and sitting in the bag for a few weeks.  I have managed to avoid wrapping the gift for those weeks.  And wrap it within hours of the gift being opened.  The whole time I am wrapping, I am thinking, "Why bother?  It is just going to be ripped open in a few hours."  Of course, this is a problem of my own making, not the gift recipient's.  And yes, I feel gift bags are still an act of wrapping.  

So this year, as my closet has become overrun with gifts and boxes, the guilt has been plaguing me.  This little inner voice has been saying, "you really should start wrapping". But I don't wanna! (insert whine here) So I came up with a new plan this year.  My sister comes home at the beginning of Christmas week.  The Mini's are still in school for the first few days of that week.  So Sis and I are going to have a Wrapping Party.  There will be paper, and presents and bags galore.  There will be music and coffee or maybe hot chocolate a plenty.  There will be laughter (that's pretty much a guarantee when the two of us get together).  And I'm hoping this is just what I need to put some excitement into this dreaded chore.  For now, the annoying voice telling me to get busy wrapping has stopped.  And I am looking forward to this afternoon with my Sis.  Maybe this can become a new holiday tradition for us.  Although, I feel it's only fair to warn Andy if this plan doesn't work, he may be Head Wrapper starting next year!

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