Why Exercise?

It's no secret I enjoy my exercise. I'm not obsessed with it but I truly enjoy that hour five days a week that I set aside for my workout. And I pity the person or circumstance that gets between me and my exercise.

I don't need to tell you the physical benefits of regular exercise. The key to sticking with exercise for me is variety. Variety and a class environment. There was a time a class full of people would have freaked me out but now I thrive on the energy in the room. And when it gets tough, someone is always there to say the right words to motivate you through the moment.

I do cardio interval, muscle works, kickboxing, boxing, Zumba and even some Pilates. I use fun toys like, weights, Weighted bars, medicine balls, exercise balls, steps, bands and mats.

Zumba is a great cardio workout. And as a woman, it makes me feminine and sexy. Boxing is awesome because I feel so strong and my body is changing without weights and a million reps ;)

I'm not into big muscles an some women fear these forms of exercise because they don't want to look manly. These types of exercises are great for shaping and toning. And that is what most women would like.

I often hear mom's say they feel guilty about taking the time away from their family to do something for themselves. While I would agree there are some activities that should not come before family, your fitness is not one of them. I am a much better mommy when I take care of myself physically. I feel better. I have burned off steam. I am setting the example of the importance of exercise. And I hope they see that I am an important member of the family too and so this is one thing that gets done for mommy. When the kiddos are older, I look forward to them joining me at the Y.

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