The Power of Music

The kids and I were in the car and the Christmas song, Sleigh Ride was on the radio. I was merrily singing along when I had a flashback of myself in kindergarten.

Today in school, the different areas of learning and play are called "centers". I'm not sure what those places were called "back then" but this memory takes place in the "Listening Center".

I remember how I loved to go over to the record player ( I know, I just dated myself). I would put on the headphones and just listen to the music. My favorite album was a Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas album. And Sleigh Ride was my favorite song to listen to. This song was sang by none other than Goofy! Loved this song! Im not sure what the draw was but I have often thought back to that song on that record that I would listen to in the corner o my classroom.

Back to tonight. I was singing along. Smiling to myself. And remembering this little piece of my early years. So I decided to share the memory with the Mini's. They enjoyed hearing my story and shocked me by knowing what a record was. I have no idea how they knew that but their collaborative description was pretty accurate.

Isn't it amazing what a song can do? It can trigger memories and bring back emotions. I was reminded tonight that I have always loved to listen to music and I enjoyed sharing this happy memory with my children.

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