Not Ready For This...

Andy is a hunter.  I don't like it but this is one of his only hobbies.  It is only a few weeks each year.  And he does eat what he "gets".  Knowing that he is a hunter, I have dreaded the idea of my children being hunters.  Even before they were born.  The idea of my babies walking around with a gun just goes against everything in me.

I realize that when the time comes, my son (and daughter if she cares to) will be very well trained to use the gun.  But that will not make me feel much better.  Accidents happen.  That is why they are called accidents...no one plans for them to happen.  I only get one Boy Mini and one Girl Mini and it seems stupid to me to let them traipse through the woods for hours on end where they can get lost, hurt or shot. But I know the time is coming.  And as much as I dread this activity, my husband is really looking forward to the day he can take his son hunting with him.   In my defense, I worry almost as much each time Andy goes out too.  

Yesterday, I had my first taste.  Andy had a few hours so he decided to take off into the woods and give hunting another try for this season.  Then he asked our 7 yr. old if he wanted to go along.  He was eager to join his daddy so off they went.  I threatened my son and told him that if I find out he touched the gun, then he wouldn't be allowed to go with daddy for a long, long time.  They were gone for hours.  But it seems they had a good time walking through the woods.  They saw deer paths, deer tracks, tree stands, an arrow that was shot from a crossbow and a dry lake bed among other things.  They came home all muddy, with a few scratches but wearing big smiles with shared memories.  To me, it sounds like a perfect afternoon walk in the woods.  No gun necessary, right?  Why can't they just hike on a regular basis?  Ugh! 

 I know mommies all over the world have to wrestle with watching their little boys (and girls) learning to hunt.  I'm thrilled that they had a great afternoon together.  I will encourage similar outings but I am still going to pray that my son will never feel right taking the life of any living thing and that he decides for himself that he doesn't like to hunt.  Time will tell...and I guess I will have to be prepared for both of my boys heading out each year.  But that doesn't  mean I have to like it.


  1. Dawn, I undestand. My boyfriends family are all hunters and the same will happen with my kids when they are old enough. You have to be 11 or 12 in pa to go through the hunter safty course. And as much as it hurts, you have to let them. Remember the first time they rode their bike without training wheels? Then they will want to be home alone, drive a car.. Accidents DO happen, but we have to trust ourselves and them that we tought them the best (and that they listened and did not roll their eyes at us) Beth stockton

  2. Dawn,
    Mike, my husband is a hunter. I have known since we dated that any children we have would be taught to hunt. He even taught me for safety reasons. To be honest, i feel more at peace that my boys are learning respect for firearms, and how they are to be use appropriately. So many of the accidents that happen are due to inappropriate use and lack of knowledge. Trust that your husband would never put your son or daughter in danger. He loves them just as much as you do. Beyond that, Trust God that he will protect them while they are in the woods, whether they are hunting or just hiking. My oldest son has gone out hunting with Mike for the past 3 years and this summer he will take his hunter safety course. I have spent every morning they go out hunting on my knees praying for safety, and Godly-male bonding for them. It is hard for us as mothers to let go of our most precious possessions when we know they are heading into what could be a dangerous situation. But God is bigger, and God is mighty. His hand are big enough to hold them and us! Hugs to you! If you even need to talk more about this, call me and will go for coffee.
    Julie W.

  3. Dawn, I have to agree with you there! My husband doesn't hunt, thank goodness. I dont think I would allow him to take my children hunting either. My husband, God love him, is a klutz! He will come home with big bruises, cuts, scrapes and when you ask him what happened his response is always the same "I dunno". It makes me nervous enough that he has to occasionally carry a gun for work (He's a corrections officer at the local county prison). I tell him I'd really rather not know when he is carrying, so I don't have to worry all day!!
    Anyway my son gets his grace from his father....he has had more bumps and bruises then one can count, and I swear his forehead has a permenant blue mark from where he has constantly banged it. And to put the two of them together in the woods (dangerous enough with all of those pesky roots sticking up!) with weapons, no thanks! I'll keep buying my meats from the grocery store! It's a lot safer that way!!!!!!!


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