The Magic of Hot Chocolate

I'm an equal opportunity warm drink person. I love my coffee. But I also enjoy a cup I hot tea. And one can never go wrong with a cup of hot chocolate.

Most nights, as the house settles down I tend to reach for my cup of comfort. The kids are tucked in bed. My face is freshly washed. And I'm sporting the PJ's of choice ;) Then I make something warm to drink. Sometimes it is tea but most nights it is hot chocolate.

This is my evening goody. I usually pass on dessert after dinner and look forward to my cup of liquid dark chocolate sprinkled with the perfect amount of marshmallows. A wait of a few minutes is necessary so I don't burn my tongue. But once I am able to drink my hot chocolate, I can just feel myself start to relax. The house is quiet. I've made it through another day.

This is a very common ritual for me. I look forward to settling down with my warm drink and a book. Maybe the TV will come on. This is a calm part of my day. It has occurred to me that I wake up early specifically to enjoy quiet moments with coffee and a book. And I end each day in a very similar way. Huh, I wonder what that says about me.

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