I Feel So Small

One of the most peaceful moments I enjoy happens in the late evening.  When it is dark.  The kids are in bed (of course, I said peaceful, right? haha!)  It doesn't depend on the season.  I'm more likely to be outside at this time during the warmer months, but these moments can happen any time during the year.  I step out onto my patio when the sun is down for the day. Behind our house, is a large landscaped hill.  On top of the hill, is a house and huge trees.  In this near-perfect moment, I am looking up at the sky.  The stars are clear and I can hear the wind blowing through the large trees above me.  There is just something so special about these moments.  The night is so quiet and I feel so small in such a big world.  At this moment, I usually start thanking God for the very many blessing in my life.

What does your near-perfect moment look like?

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