The House That WE Built

This Saturday was a beautiful day. We spent some time outside, the kiddos enjoyed riding their bikes now that everyone has moved away from training wheels.

We spent a little time shopping. I was surprised how quickly we ran into the toy store and the mall and found what we were looking for. Holiday surprise for me :)

When we got home, we pulled out a gingerbread house kit and got to work. Daddy and I assembled the structure. And if you look closely one of the walls is leaning in. I'm gonna claim that Andy was responsible for that side, hehe.

Then we let the Mini's decorate. They will in Sugar Candy Heaven! Runts, Nerds, Bottlecaps and SweetTarts, oh my! So not my kind of candy. Although, I was definitely in the minority.

Sweetpea having fun with some icing.

The Boy Mini was determined to make a pattern. Red, green, red, green...

This is the house that WE built. Not too fancy, not to difficult, but the perfect way to spend an afternoon together.

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