This is not a normal Friday. This is an early dismissal from school Friday. On days that the kiddos have rely dismissal, the school district buses the kindergarten kids in early and feeds them lunch. That seems like a waste of money to me but no one asked me.

Knowing my youngest would be at school by 11:30 am, I decided to checkout what classes the Y offered at this time. I was pleased to find a Zumba class available. That meant I could sleep in this morning (yay for me!) and I got to get my Zumba Groove on ;)

So my day has been something like this...

Take Son to school.
Run home.
Take daughter to gymnastics.
Stop by the mall to buy daughter a new winter coat (her zipper broke yesterday on the old one)
Take daughter to school and we were almost late because we had to run back to the house to get her backpack (of course it's library day so if she doesn't return the book, she can't get another)
Then I drove straight to Zumba.
Sweat like ice in a glass.
Drove home.
Showered crazy fast and got ready.
Picked the Mini's up at the bus stop and drove to meet some friends so we could enjoy our early dismissal to the max.

It is almost 3 pm and I'm exhausted! I am so glad it's Friday.

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