I confess to being a shopaholic. I spend too much at most any time. It seems the more I try to control the spending, the worse the impulse.

The upside to this is the Christmas shopping has been done for a while. I like to shop in a store as well as shopping online. I'm an equal opportunity shopper.

The downfall to shopping online is that then you get bombarded by emails from the shops you already shop from. And of course these emails announce all the special deals that are available.

I'm sure your inboxes are flooded as well. I have had to start deleting these messages without opening them. It is too much of a temptation if I see the image of whatever the "great deal" is. Seriously, I check my inbox and hit, "delete, delete, delete, etc". It's annoying but I can't bring myself to unsubscribe to these sites for fear that one day I will miss out on that Most Amazing Deal.

I know, I'm an advertiser's dream. It is what it is. It may seem silly to fight this online shopping temptation several times a day. But I am proud to say that since I've finished the gift shopping I haven't continued to buy for the recipients which is very easy to do.

I expect these emails to continue through the beginning of January, when everything is "blowout" pricing. But that's not too far away and my poor delete button will get a break ;)

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