Daily Frustration of Mine

Sometime over the past year I have really begun to enjoy making dinner for my family.  Sometimes I don't like thinking of what to make, but that is where my planning ahead comes in handy.  Just check the  menu for the week and see what I feel like eating and prepare...

So, I spend the time planning meals.  Running to the store for something I forgot to get at the store.  Preparing the meal (while juggling assisting the Mini's with homework) and getting a healthy, tasty meal to the table for my family.  I get bored easily so I don't like to make the same thing too often.  Sometimes I take requests and that is when I make " favorites".

I really do ENJOY this process, most nights.  Really I do.  I sit down, feeling good about myself and a job well done.  Then so quickly, that content feeling is whipped out from under me.  Not intentionally, of course, but its gone nonetheless.  Someone starts complaining.  My daughter is famous for, "how much do I have to eat?"    And my favorite is, "can we have dessert? (I know, this isn't a complaint, but if you've barely touched dinner, why do we need to think about dessert?) The thing is, I know what my family doesn't like.  I rarely make something with ingredients I know they do not like.  I think it is more habit than anything else for them to find something they don't want to like.  I realize I am no kitchen goddess and I do not expect a gushy chorus of how wonderful dinner is.  But I would love to sit down, and have the people I love, just eat what I have made for them.  We could enjoy our dinner conversation as we eat what has been prepared for the evening meal.

I realize this is probably happening in homes across the world every day.  While there is some comfort in being a "normal" family, it doesn't make this daily matter any less frustrating.  It would be so much easier to plop microwaved frozen meals in front of each person.  But that is no longer the wife and mother I am.   I don't expect my kiddos to appreciate the effort I put into their lives until they are much older.  But a "thanks mom" or "this is yummy" every once in a while would be great.  They say it takes 10 positive comments to counter balance 1 negative comment.  I believe it.   I will continue to prepare healthy, tasty meals for my family, no matter what they do or don't say.  Making these meals are one way I feel I am showing them I love them.  Some day, they will think back on dinner time and they will get it.

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  1. I hear ya sister. It's funny but the one I had the most trouble with was Allison and now she is so ready to try anything new. Go figure!


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